I am a short story, fiction, nonfiction writer, and Novelist.

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    The Trail Of Agha Ahmed Gul

    I have known Agha Gul as my sibling when he was not yet a famous writer. He used to be physically weak and short but nonetheless ever ready to compete with me, be it in climbing mountains, motorcycling, cracking, jokes, or showing worldly wisdom. He “could do” what I did “, he was ready to fight anytime, even with me A his elder brother, today I find all his childhood traits reflected in his short stories and novels. Not only that but he also reflects on minor incidents and occasions in his writings with wit and humor which I what makes his plots and themes so very readable. one can associate oneself with his character and his plots.

    Age and broad-based education, achieved due to the encouragement of our father, who pushed us to read a lot, has today turned him into a critical observer and a witty storyteller. He has also mellowed down, matured, and become an excellent companion and good company. His interest Is different cultures and understanding of the traditions has aided him in his writings. The cutting edge of his writing lies in his critical observation, in his wit, and the humor he sees in simple things. He boldly uses expressions and language picked up from regional settings, especially Brahvi. His writings force one to raise one’s eyebrows and yet are read his books from time to time. Indeed, Agha Gul displays the potential to join the exalted names of great Urdu writers.

    Reflecting on his writings,” Bella “is an Epic Tragedy, in regionalism, Agha Gul is essential on impressionist. His own connotations of life guide his fictions Qura-Tul-Ain Hyder had appreciated his humanitarianism in his writings. “babu” is a PICARESQUE NOVEL. The trend of the Russian Novelist Nikolay Gogol is reflected in his epic novel” Dasht-e-Wafa “, which is bases on the insurgence of the 1970s. he has a universal outlook, but in his fiction, he focuses on Baluchistan. he skillfully captures the crux of the history of Baluchistan and its socio-economic dynamics.

    He has studied in Germany and Thailand, has visited France, Denmark, and Turkey, yet remains enchanted with the Brahvi state of Mir Nasir khan Noori when Baluchistan was a far larger and more realistic region, in his opinion. his romance and passion for the Brahvi tribes are pervasive of local beauty and traditions. Indeed, Agha Gul has introduced his own unique and distinctive style in his fiction writings. I wish him all the success in his passion for writings.



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